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PROBLEMS REGISTERING?  If you are unable to reset your username or password on the registration website, please use this form: Click for support 

HOUSEHOLD UPDATES: We require guests to report any changes in income, address, household size, or household members. If you have any of these changes, please use this form: Update Household Information

WEATHER CLOSURES: We follow the School District of Waukesha’s emergency closings. We do our best to report weather closures to CBS 58 and Fox 6. Follow us on Facebook for the most current updates.


New Families

In order for us to best serve you, we need to collect basic information about your family.

This information is anonymous, and is not shared with any of our partners.


There are no income requirements to receive food, however we do ask if your income is above or below federal poverty limits. 

No Income Requirements

No Residency Requirements

No Documentation Needed

Who do we serve?

Individuals with Medical Hardships
Hard Working Families
Hungry Children
Struggling Seniors

From Our Families
That We Serve

Need Help?


The Choice Pantry model allows guests to “shop” for food, similar to a grocery store experience, rather than receiving pre-packaged box. We ask our guests to only take what they need and will use.

Select the “Register” button near the top of this page!

Your username is usually your email address. If you need to reset your username or password you can do that here: Reset username or password

Each week we get a variety of food from Feeding America and other food sources. Anything from fresh fruit and vegetables to milk, dairy, meat, and frozen items come each week. Along with bread, bakery, and other assorted pantry items. 

No problem! We know that things happen. You can send someone in your place at your appointment time or cancel your appointment online. If you are having trouble canceling email us at info@friendswithfoodwi.org 

Please come on in during our walk in hours.  We can’t accommodate early check in’s.  After three missed appointments, we will not allow you to make an appointment and you must come during walk in hours.

The front Grandview  parking lot is for our disabled guests. You may only park here if you have a disabled parking sticker.  If it is not visible my volunteers may ask to see your sticker or ask you to park in the back.  Both our back parking lot and street parking are available (Morgan Avenue). Please respect our neighbors! Do not drive through their parking lots to get to back of our building. Do not park in their parking lots.

Online registration will close the day of the pantry at 11 am.

No problem! We know that things happen. You can send someone in your place, at the selected time.

Carts, please do not grab a cart as you are waiting in line.  We give guests carts in order as they come in.  We only have so many so you may be asked to wait if you want a cart.  Or as soon as one is available, we will give you one. Please quickly put your items from the cart into your car, we have limited carts and we can’t have our guest sort their items before they put them into their car.

Please follow our rules.  Disrespecting our volunteers or staff could lead to termination.  Our volunteers want to help you, they might ask to put your groceries in your car, please allow them to.  They are only following our direction to help the line move quickly.

We do ask you if you are above or below on an income scale.  You may or may not qualify for extra products, based upon income.  Usually, it is only up to 5 extras. 98% of the food we hand out has no income requirements.

Some people bring their own carts and bags.  We do have boxes available to put your food in.  

One day of out the week

Have our address and where to park?