Misfits For Jesus

Is an organization out of Waukesha that we have the privilege of partnering with. Don and his wife Cammie make food weekly for the homeless and also have a warehouse in which they collect clothing and personal items. In 2020 after we began to grow we met Don and Cammie. Their mission caught our attention as ours theirs. 

Friends With Food leadership team quickly became friends and realized that together we wanted to grow our partnership.

Don’s devotion to helping us each week made us realize that the need for both of our missions to come together is greater than ever. Friends With Food began blessing the Misfits with their excess food. In February of 2022, we cemented our partnership in which we began serving our community on an even greater scale.

Friends with Food supplies the Food and Supplies and the Misfit team provides clothing. shoes and other items. Together we bring hope and joy to the hearts of our families and expand our outreach beyond our four walls.