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Our Mission is to respond to the needs of the community by providing food and supplies in a time of need while providing a nonjudgmental environment amongst friends, eliminating the barriers, and supporting the power of choice.
Do you find yourself with spare time and a desire to make a positive impact? Or perhaps you’re looking to enhance your resume and engage more deeply with the community? Whatever your motivation, we welcome you to join our team of friends!

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Our Team Will Review Your Application. Once Approved We Will Send You An Email Confirmation with your username and password to login volunteer portal. To Go Ahead To Step 3

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This portal will allow you to sign up for a shift, track how many hours you volunteered for and get live updates of any news or upcoming events.  

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I enjoy volunteering with Food with Friends because I enjoy the people who visit as well as the volunteers I work with. It is a positive and non-judgmental place and serves an important function for individuals and families who are feeling their budget very much stretched these days. I have always served people in my professional life and now that I am retired it fills that need that I continue to have.
Catherine Sawicki
Friends with Food is a wonderful organization to volunteer at if you wish to make a difference and serve others. Providing healthy, no cost food to the community is very rewarding and greatly appreciated by the individuals and families using the service. Even if you choose not to volunteer or use the service, please consider making a Friends with Food a possible option for any financial giving you may make through the year.
Brian Schneider
Weekly Guest
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Volunteer Guidelines & FAQ’s


  1. Volunteers park on Brad St, directly across the street from front of our building.
  2. Volunteers in need of food are allowed to receive food.  Volunteers must complete a new family form, found at check in.  Please refer to the volunteer handbook for complete rules.
  3. Treat everyone with respect.  We are a non-judgement zone.
Please do not sign up for a shift until your application has been approved.

All information obtained through the background check process will be treated as confidential and will only be disclosed to individuals involved in the volunteer selection process on a need-to-know basis. The organization will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding the confidentiality and handling of personal information. The organization reserves the right to deny volunteer applications based on the findings of the background check, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

This will be followed up with our sign up for volunteer opportunities.

Please complete our volunteer application anyways! We have events and other volunteer opportunities coming soon!