Help Us Rescue More Food

According to Feeding America, “Each year, 119 billion pounds of food is wasted in the United States. That equates to 130 billion meals and more than $408 billion (about $1,300 per person in the US) in food thrown away each year.” 

When food is wasted, all the resources used to produce it, such as water, land, energy, and fertilizers, go to waste as well. Together, we can rescue food and help feed our community. If we could reduce food waste and distribute the surplus food more effectively, we could potentially alleviate hunger and ensure that more people have access to nutritious food. 

Here at Friends With Food we get weekly deliveries from Feeding America, but we could rescue much more food if we had a truck. We believe in zero food waste. Friends With Food gives extra, unused food to other non-profit organizations. We even give our not-so-pretty produce to local farmers for their animals instead of tossing it in a dumpster!  

We allow our families to shop for their own food instead of receiving a premade box. This is another way we reduce food waste in our community. When a family only takes what they will use, less food ends up in a landfill. 

Once we have the funds for a truck, we will be able to expand our current food selection. This means healthier options and a wider variety! This truck will be driven around the greater Milwaukee area- which means more exposure for our pantry AND our sponsors! If you donate to our current fundraiser at the gold level, your logo or name can be displayed on this truck!  

Friends With Food does not receive any State or Federal funding. We rely on donations from the community to continue to support our mission. We are asking for YOUR help to raise funds for a truck and operating expenses.  

You can make a one-time donation to our fundraiser here: 

To set up a recurring monthly donation: