The beginning:

It was March 13, 2020, when COVID hit our communities. Anticipating a shutdown, everyone was scrambling to see if they had enough supplies and were packing the stores to stock up. It was also the week Rochelle attended an online meeting from her corporate team at NextHome (Real Estate Brokerage). During the meeting, they encouraged their teams to reach out to our past clients and checking in on them. The CEO prompted that now was the time to step up and help others. The NextHome slogan is Humans Over Houses. The message rang deep into Rochelle’s soul. She glanced around and thought to herself, “I have everything I need”, what do others need. She quickly noticed that friends were posting on Facebook that they needed help, but didn’t see any organized groups jumping in to help.

 Rochelle enlisted her cousin Vicki and together they formed a Non-profit organization called SE WI Emergency Support Group along with obtaining their 501C3 Status. They took on the role of President and Vice-President and hit the ground running! 

Since this time they continued to serve more families in their community each week. The need continues to grow as does their commitment to helping everyone possible.

Where we are now:

SEWIESG operates a choice pantry, where families get to choose items they need! Since May 2021 we have a partnership with Feeding America.  Another partner is Southminster Presbyterian Church located at 200 Richard St, Waukesha. Our organization is 100% volunteer-run!! 98% of the money raised goes directly back to our community. Only 2% of the funds raised go towards necessary administrative costs.

In December of 2020, we organized our first Christmas event! We sought sponsors for our families with children. SO many wonderful people stepped up and purchased (and wrapped) gifts for all of our kids! 67 kids received Christmas gifts that may have not been received otherwise. We were also able to provide each family with a complete Christmas dinner!

If you like our mission, please help us by volunteering, donating, or sharing our posts on Facebook. Helping others in need is so rewarding, and are honored to give back to our community.


Rochelle & Vicki